The Yellow Deli is a quirky restaurant run by a judaic cult called “The Twelve Tribes”. They emphasize the importance of organic farming and nutritious but delicious food—also, ponytails, flannels, and parachute pants.


Since it is a deli, their sandwiches are extremely good and well proportioned. They bake their own bread and create their own soups from scratch. Not to mention, their salads are fresh, and full of tasty ingredients. The fruit drinks are nutritious and the drink bar serves well crafted coffee and tea drinks. All in all, their menu is simple, but robust with fair prices (considering the quality of the food).

“It really doesn’t feel like any other restaurant around San Diego.” – Yelp Reviewer


The atmosphere is warm and really comfortable. Everything is handcrafted, with large hammered brass nails fastening the wooden furniture together, hand stretched leather covering the seats, handmade wrought iron chairs on the outdoor tables, and hand painted murals scattered throughout the property. The crowd is typically made up of hipsters, scenesters, old hippies, students and families. There is free wifi, and it is open all night long. It is closed for the Sabbath, naturally. The staff is friendly and polite but strangely inarticulate and incompetent. This is the worst of its issues. In short, the great quality of the food and drink found at the Yellow Deli is so worthwhile, and is extremely valuable in shaping the culture of Vista, Ca.