“Pho Ever” is a trustworthy and sanitary Vietnamese restaurant; this is not easy to find. We try to eat at Pho Ever every Monday night (for Monday “Phonday”). It has become a favorite for several reasons.


Vietnamese cuisine is soup made up of rice noodles, herbs, broth and either chicken or beef. It typically comes with beansprouts, sliced jalapeños and a lime wedge on the side to add to your soup. My personal favorite is the standard chicken pho. This dish comes with a special ginger sauce to dip the chicken in. Ideally, my wife and I will split a large bowl for $7.25 and an appetizer of egg rolls. But all in all, the food options are varied and plentiful; and the menu is clear and easy to understand.


The customer service is warm, and the fact that it is family owned is apparent. The decor is decent for an authentic food restaurant, probably because it is simple. However, the artificial foliage and icicles in the entrance are a bit off-putting. Additionally, there are always televisions on; they mostly show sports games. It is usually always packed, but the wait is never longer than 10 minutes.